Shane Sweatt

Shane Sweatt


  • Master Westside Barbell Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • Conjugate Powerlifting SME


  • 20+ Years of coaching experience


Shane’s lifelong passion has always been in pursuit of fitness and extreme sports. He is an accomplished martial artist, a former USCF cyclist, an experienced triathlete, and is one of only three coaches to have earned a Master Certification in the Westside Barbell Method of training. His focus on keeping his athletes free of injury while pushing them to extreme levels of physical and mental conditioning has garnered the attention of top athletes worldwide. He has trained the strongest and fittest athletes in the world, X Games medalists, UFC fighters and even Olympians like Nick Goepper. Shane has a reputation for being the most humble and level headed coaches you could ever work with. His calm but inspirational demeanor not only endear him to the athletes he trains, but also makes him a highly sought-after educator. To date, his gym has produced over 100 world records… and counting.

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