Jenna McVey

Jenna McVey


  • CF-L1
  • PN-L1


As a competitive, hard-working and passionate person, finding CrossFit couldn’t have been more perfect for Jenna. Although it took a couple years before she really committed to it there is now nothing else she would want to be doing. Growing up riding and showing horses, Jenna is no stranger to the competition stage and fully understands the work and time needed to be given to be the best she can be. The more involved and devoted to CrossFit training she became sparked a new passion in her. She wanted to help others and inspire others to live their best and healthiest life. With that, she obtained her CrossFit Level One Trainer certification and made a big career change. Becoming a Coach was the best decision she made. Jenna had always been a fairly healthy person and always found herself interested in expanding her knowledge in nutrition. After a couple of years of CrossFit coaching, she decided it was time to pursue her passion for nutrition to be able to help people further in their health and fitness journey. She studied hard and received her Precision Nutrition Level One certification.

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