Olympic Lifting Clinic with Chris Cleary!

by Laura Phelps-Sweatt22. April 2013 18:49

Conjugate Athletes,

In preparation for regionals and future competitions, we are introducing Chris Cleary, Cincinnati Weightlifting Olympic coach, to our programming on Saturdays for the next 4 weeks . Chris will run a 1.5-2 hour clinic, Saturday mornings from 8:30-10 or 10:30. He will commit each class to teaching,correcting and perfecting an Olympic lift. This is an amazing opportunity to gain access to one of the best coaches who is world recognized in Olympic lifting.

For the competitors, we felt it would be in your best interest to participate, whether you're competing in regionals or not. We can not make this mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

Chris will do an evaluation/intro clinic this upcoming Saturday. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet Chris, and be properly introduced to the snatch, clean and clean and jerk.

To best benefit the athletes, we will host this clinic BEFORE team/competitor wods.

Cost for the 4 week clinic is $40.00. If you are unable to make all sessions, you can pay a 20.00 drop in rate.

There are only 25 spaces available. This will  ensure each athlete gets the attention needed.

A $10.00 deposit will be required to confirm your space. Please let Laura or Alicia Scheffer know if you will be attending so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you!


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