Slow Progress is Progress

by TaylorDrescher26. February 2013 08:27

Yesterday was a great training day at CrossFit Conjugate. We worked on max effort lower. The competitors completed a variation of dead lift, by pulling from a deficit. Which for most athletes was a new movement that they had never tried before. This variation of DL is definitely harder, creating a longer distance to pull the weight when standing on mats. Michelle Gearhart pulled 235lbs, only 5 lbs lighter than her old conventional PR. Hannah King started at CF Conjugate with a ROUGH max DL at 185 lbs, and pulled and an easy 205 from deficit yesterday. Josh Pfetzer, came to Conjuagte with intentions of strength gains, with an important goal of deadlifting over 400. His PR when he came was 385. Yesterday 390 came right off the ground with a smooth speed and good finish in an upright position finishing with the glutes, instead of rolling forward into the quads.

CrossFit is a very anterior chain dominant sport. I have noticed as a coach, that a lot of Crossfitters have greats asses........but they don't work! Meaning the glutes are not firing, and most individuals are quad dominant with a lack of strength in the posterior chain. Through using the Conjugate method we emphasize the importance of improving those areas that are lacking by including top sets of accessory movements. One of our main goals is to strengthen the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and spinal erectors. We have spent the last month and a half working on these accessory movements in our classes and are already seeing progress and PRs. We constantly vary the chosen exercises so that "accommodation" does not occur and stall the body from making gains.

Great Job to all the athletes yesterday. Remember that consistency is key, and slow progress is still progress. I am eager to see what the future holds and continue to watch the strength gains go through the roof.




Road Trip to Westside

by TaylorDrescher24. February 2013 18:56

CrossFit Conjugate Coaches Shane, Laura, Kursten and myself made a road trip to Columbus to visit the world famous Westside Barbell to visit the legendary Louie Simmons himself. The day started off with breakfast at Bob Evans where Louie eats every morning at 7:30. As Kursten and myself excitedly sat next to the man who has created the training system that has changed our lives, we quickly understood why this man is just that....a legend. Through Westside's Conjugate method, Louie has produced 7 out of 10 all time world record holder men, and 5 out of 10 women. He is most certainly patriotic, but openly gives credit to the Soviet and Bulgarian systems and methods of training in which the conjugate method has derived from. One of the most appreciated characteristics I noticed about Louie, is that he will admit, if he is not the best in the world at something (which isn't much, he's pretty much a genius,) he will not hold an athlete back in their training progress. He will send that athlete to someone who is the best at what they do. While Louie is the God father of strength there are sport specific movements that require experts of technique to excel.(Which is why Shane and Laura have hired experienced and well rounded CrossFit coaches that excel in gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit itself.)  Listening to him speak about this reminded me so much of Shane. Like Louie, Shane and Laura are so amazing at what they do, yet very humble, always give credit to those that deserve, and will not pretend to be an expert at something that they are not. These are characteristics that will keep relationships long lasting and growing. As well as allowing athletes to truly reach their full potentials.

After breakfast we made our way to Westside. On the front door reads a sign; " NOTICE. To be Considered a member of Westside Barbell, you must fulfill the below criteria! As Westside Barbell is a PRIVATE CLUB any individual('s) who wants to become a new member must be invited by Louie Simmons for a "trial session" or voted in unanimously by all members. This is the ONLY way an individual will be eligible to train at Westside, No Exceptions. Visitors welcome by appointment only." We looked at Laura and Shane and said, " Can we go in?!?!" Walking in was an unforgettable moment. As I'm sure many individuals have encountered the same feeling before, it was breath taking. The gym is not brand new, fancy shmancy, or enormous in size. It was a landmark where years of research had taken place. Years of success and failures, trial and error, blood, sweat, tears, and triumph. Where the world's strongest woman, Laura Phelps' name covered the wall in world records on both men's and women's charts. Where those with the will to succeed were given the best tools to reach their potential. Louie is goal driven and it is undoubtedly and most noticeably engrained in him to be the WORLD's best, and produce the WORLD's best. Westside is an atmosphere where only the BEST are trained, to become the BEST, that gym is simply the BEST gym I have ever been to. Like I said, not because of the tangible, but because of all the intangible that lies within.


The coaches and athletes set the tone and build the atmosphere for every gym throughout the nation. There are thousands of CrossFit gyms and more on the rise. But what sets us apart from others?  CrossFit Conjugate has been carefully thought out and planned to emulate and reciprocate athletes of Louie Simmons' Caliber. The Best that they can possibly be. Through using the scientifically and world record proven conjugate method, with the combination of educated, experienced, and humble coaches. With your full dedication and 100% commitment, you are guaranteed to reach your full potential in strength and as a crossfitter. We are not saying that only those invited are allowed into our gym. But yes as a coach I will say that I only want athletes and individuals that want to be the best possible version of themselves. An athlete that is willing to work hard, get up when they fail, be coachable, and wants to succeed. Whether succeeding for them is getting their first pull up or making it to the CrossFit Games.






Welcome to the CrossFit Conjugate Blog!

by Laura Phelps-Sweatt24. February 2013 17:44

The time has finally come! We are blogging! Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check back often, as the CFC coaches will be posting regularly! As many of you may know, the foundation of our programming is based on the world renowned Westside Conjugate System. Coaches Shane and Laura Sweatt travel the world teaching this method for the CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course and now with CrossFit Conjugate, they are putting these principles to action firsthand. We will regularly post and discuss about the System here and we welcome any questions you have!

Our first six weeks have been amazing! We have formed an outstanding community already and we look forward to building upon it in the future. We truly thank each and every one of you who have been so supportive and have cheered us on through this whole process! Let's get this started!!Smile